Guitar History

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125 Aniversario

An essential book for anyone interested in the classical guitar. A wonderful collector's item, this ..

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A Collection of Fine Spanish Guitars: From Torres to the Present

Explore this fabulous collection and the fascinating world of fine classical guitars since the 1850´..

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A Concise History of the Classic Guitar

Graham Wade, one of the foremost international writers on the guitar, explores the history of the in..

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La Chitarra Barocca

A book and CD set presenting and interpretation of the Baroque guitar repertoire, guitar notation fr..

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La Chitarra Di Liuteria

This book is a rich photographic anthology of the history if the guitar from the late eighteenth cen..

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La Guitarra Española

This beautiful book was printed for the exhibition 'The Spanish Guitar´, held at the Metropolitan Mu..

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La Guitarre: Paris 1650-1950

The guitar is probably one of the world's most widely-played musical instruments, as well as the mos..

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The Century that Shaped the Guitar

From the birth of the six-string to the death of Tárrega. This, James Westbrook´s second guitar book..

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The Classical Guitar Book: A Complete History

“The most significant work on classical guitars since the early ´70s” - Acoustic Guitar Ma..

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The Development of the Modern Guitar

A compact, accessible guide to; guitar history, with an emphasis on the past 150 years; schools of g..

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The Guitar of Andres Segovia

Andres Segovia was the first guitarist to effectively transcend the limitations perceived by a scept..

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The Vihuela de Mano and The Spanish Guitar

In more than1500 entries in this first Dictionary about Spanish guitar makers readers will find five..

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