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100 Superstar Guitar Sounds

This book shows how to duplicate the sounds of rock's greatest guitarists! Here are 100 guitar sound..

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Acoustic Guitar Owners Manual

This manual covers all aspects of keeping your acoustic guitar looking and sounding great. Caring fo..

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Ampeg: The Story Behind the Sound

Ampeg: The Story Behind the Sound tells the tale of this extraordinary company on its 50th anniversa..

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Amps!: The Other Half of Rock 'n' Roll

This book provides the first overall view of the world of amplifiers. Includes; How amps work, profi..

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Complete Guitar Repair

This book is aimed at promoting an understanding of the musical and technical features of the basic ..

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Do It Yourself Projects for Guitarists

This book contains a collecton of 35 useful, inexpensive, educational projects designed by Guitar Pl..

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Electric Guitar Setups

A richly detailed and illustrated guide to getting the best sound and feel from your electric or aco..

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Fret Work: Step by Step

Produced by Stewart-MacDonald´s Guitar Shop Supply, this is the definitive book on all aspects of fr..

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Great Tube Amp and Guitar Mods

Over 50 useful modifications for Fender and Marshall amps and the guitar. Also includes speaker cabi..

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Guitar Setup, Maintenance & Repair

This guide will use photographs, diagrams and sketches made by the author and some provided by vario..

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Guitar Effects Pedals

Starting with the dawn of effects building and continuing to the present day, this detailed compendi..

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Guitar Electronics for Musicians

All guitarists and guitar repairmen, as well as anyone else who wants to increase their knowledge of..

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Guitar Finishing: Step by Step

This is the definitive book on finishing techniques for the guitar and related stringed instruments...

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Guitar Player Repair Guide: 2nd Edition

This is the complete book on how to set up, maintain and repair electric and acoustic guitars by Gui..

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Guitar Repair

Covering the full range of acoustic, or hollow-body, guitars, as well as applications to the mandoli..

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