Ear Training

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Ear Training Volume 1

A basic ear training text with companion CD for self study. Each of the ten lessons is divide into t..

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Essential Ear Training for the Contemporary Musician

The Ear Training curriculum of Berklee College of Music is known and respected throughout the world...

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Hearin' the Changes

This is the definitive study of chord progressions of hundreds of carefully chosen tunes from the ja..

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Jazz Ear Training

This jazz ear training course from Jamey Aebersold contains two hours of exercises on everything fro..

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Performance Ear Training

Presented in an organised fashion are a collection of study concepts that help you develop a functio..

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Private Lessons: Jazz Ear Training

Jazz Ear Training: Learning to Hear Your Way Through Music, focuses the student on developing the ab..

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Training the Ear

This book is a basic ear training text with examples and suggested self­study curriculum. The autho..

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Training the Ear Volume 2

Now, Training the Ear Volume 2 heralds new directions for the ardent aural explorer. “Training ..

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