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A Chromatic Approach to Jazz Harmony and Melody

This book should be seen as a method to help the artist to develop his or her own way when trying to..

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Beyond Functional Harmony

This book/CD set presents a system that creates melody and harmony and allows them to function outsi..

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Complete Book of Harmony, Theory and Voicing

This new book is a combination of harmony/theory/voicing materials with emphasis placed on 'voice­l..

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Contemporary Harmony

The understanding of the musical techniques of composition cannot be reduced to a handbook of simpli..

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Jazz Harmony

Fourteen chapters including exercises and assignments: Intervals, Chords, Inversions, Modes, Diatoni..

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Jazz Piano Voicings for the Non-Pianist

Every musician should have a basic understanding of how and why pianists voice chords in certain way..

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The Chord Scale Theory and Jazz Harmony

Jazz harmony, as taught at the Berklee College of Music is based on the so called 'Chord Scale Theor..

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