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A Creative Approach to Practicing Jazz

A much heralded jazz practice method from leading educator/performer David Baker. Baker condenses a ..

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Effortless Mastery

Playing music should be as simple as drawing breath, yet most musicians are hindered by self-consiou..

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Encyclopedia of Scales, Modes and Melodic Patterns for all Instr

A comprehensive guide to improvisation on any instrument through chord changes in any key. A great s..

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How To Approach Standards Chromatically - Techniques of Superimp

The most complete method for chromatic improvising over standards! David clearly explains and demons..

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How to Listen to Jazz

Jerry Coker has written this book to fill the need for a layman´s guide to understanding improvisati..

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How to Play Bebop 1

First in a three volume series, this book includes scales, chords and modes necessary to play bebop ..

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How to Play Bebop 2

Second in a three volume series, this volume covers the bebop language, patterns, formulas and other..

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How to Play Bebop 3

Third in a three volume series. In this volume methods of learning, memorising and utilising bebop t..

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How to Practice Jazz

This book is a comprehensive and welcome overview of techniques to enhance your jazz improvisation s..

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In Conversation with Lieb

David Liebman is a saxophonist and educator who is especially renowned for his solo ability to verba..

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Jazz Piano Masterclass - The Drop 2 Book

The 'Drop 2 Book' is the first and only publication to explore the 4-note, block-chord approach to j..

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Jazz Theory Handbook

The 'Jazz Theory Handbook' is a complete guide to all the essential topics of jazz theory, suitable ..

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Odd Time Reading Text

The employment of so-called 'odd´ time signatures is, nowadays, common practice in all forms of musi..

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Rhythmic Training

A continuation of 'Basic Rhythmic Training´, this collection of progressive rhythmic drills is desig..

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The Essence of Rhythm

Discussions, exercises, analyses, techniques, and a teacher´s guide to rhythms within the jazz/rock..

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