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A Conscious Approach to Guitar Technique

A guide book for an appropriate technical formation, including systematic advises for guitarists who..

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A History of the Lute: From Antiquity to the Renaissance

In 'A History of the Lute from Antiquity to the Renaissance´, Douglas Alton Smith traces the develop..

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Acoustic Guitars: An Illustrated Encyclopedia

Acoustic Guitars: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia is the most comprehensive guide of it´s type ever pr..

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Classical Guitar Magazine Binder - Volume 1-22

A deluxe binder, able to hold up to twelve issues of the magazine. This binder is for Volumes 1-22. ..

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Light Strings - Impressions of the Guitar

A gorgeous exploration in word and image, Light Strings pairs master photographer Ralph Gibson with ..

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Martin Guitar Masterpieces

From the infamous 'Elvi' guitar owned by Elvis Presley (his original D-18 missing the 's' from his n..

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Playing Live

This invaluable 'how to' book takes you inside the lucrative and popular contemporary rock circuit a..

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Pocket Music Dictionary

The most contemporary music dictionary on the market, comprising: Notation and theory terms, Instrum..

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The Art and Times of The Guitar

First published in 1969, Grunfeld's book is as fun to read as any on the history of the guitar, and ..

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The Bonehead's Guide to Amps

The ultimate book for everyone who wants a quick and easy-to-understand guide to amplifiers. You'll ..

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The Bottom Line is Money

This book is a comprehensive guide to to songwriting and the Nashville Music Industry. An experience..

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The Drum Book

The Drum Book´ reveals the untold story of the rock drum kit, from the moment that Ringo Starr began..

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The Electric Guitar

A comprehensive illustrated history of the electric guitar, with more than 170 full-colour photograp..

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The Luthier's Handbook

The Luthier's Handbook explores the secrets and science behind making good-sounding acoustic stringe..

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The Musicians Guide to Reading and Writing Music

This book speaks to the brand new musician, the seasoned player who has never bothered to read music..

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