Acoustic Guitar

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A Scottish Legacy - Scottish Fiddle Tunes on Acoustic & Slide Gu

This CD is highly recommended to all fans of fingerstyle guitar - and beyond that to all Scotland fa..

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Acoustic Swing

Anyone listening to Steven King play guitar will think at least two musicians are at work here; a gu..

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Amigos del Corazón

Titles are: 'Living the Live´, 'Fragrance of Rhythm´, 'Amigos Del Corazón´, 'Alex´s Bebop Blues´, 'T..

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There is always one particularly interesting personality who crops up amidst the flood of new releas..

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Master of the acoustic guitar, Pierre Bensusan treats us to his unique style on this CD from Acousti..

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Chet Atkins/Doug Stone

Titles are: Chet Atkins 'Vincent', 'Imagine', 'Quiet Eyes', 'Sweet Dreams', 'Summertime', 'Classical..

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Jacques Stotzem is a power-pack of a guitarist. The rock grooves he is able to pull out of his Lowde..

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Copy and Merge: Michael Langer Plays the Music of Paul Simon

Michael Langer pays tribute to one of his early influences - Paul Simon. This Fantastic CD features ..

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Endless Road

Another excellent release from the amazing Australian fingerpicker. Titles are: 'Endless Road´, 'Tal..

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CD of original pieces by acoustic virtuoso Jacques Stotzem. Titles are 'Fingerprint´, 'Hope of an An..

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Get Together

Every audible note on 'Get Together´ is drenched in blues. That´s the base from which these two virt..

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Happy Hour

Titles are: 'Happy Hour', 'Nine Pound Hammer', 'Avalon', 'Who's Sorry Now', 'Trambone', 'Mom's Rag',..

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The popularity of Pierre Bensusan continues to grow. This CD is sure to be another hit with his many..

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Midnight Drive

On this outstanding CD Tommy Emmanuel is joined by Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Warren Hill and Natha..

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Ms. Right

With acoustic guitarist, Duck Baker, there´s something for everyone. Be it folk tunes from his nativ..

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