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And His Guitar / The Guitar Genius

Two classic Chet Atkins albums on one CD. Titles are: AND HIS GUITAR - 'The Bells of St. Mary´, 'Cen..

28.35€ Ex Tax: 18.90€

Chester & Lester

What a joy it is to hear these two guitar grandmasters at their ease. Chet Atkins and Les Paul, two..

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Country Legends: Jerry Reed

This RCA country legends release really does include the very best of country guitarist Jerry Reed. ..

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Me and My Guitar/The First Nashville Guitar Quartet

The original vinyl LP recordings have been too long out of print. Now they are available on one CD. ..

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Mr. Atkins - Guitar Picker / Finger Pickin' Good

Two classic Chet Atkins albums on one CD. Titles are: MR. ATKINS GUITAR PICKER - 'Kicky´, 'You´re Ju..

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Music from Nashville, My Home Town/Chet Atkins

This CD brings together two of Chet's albums, 'Music from Nashville, My Home Town' and the self-titl..

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My Favorite Guitars/It's a Guitar World

This CD is a must for all Chet Atkins fans. Two of his original LP recordings on one CD. This CD mar..

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Jerry Reed is a legend amongst country guitarists and was a favourite of the late Chet Atkins. His s..

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Super Hits

Jerry Reed is not only one of the guitar greats but has had many chart hits to his name. This CD con..

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The Day Finger Pickers Took Over the World

A must for Chet Atkins fans and all lovers of country guitar. On this recording, Mr. Guitar is joine..

21.60€ Ex Tax: 14.40€

The Guitar Genius/Relaxin' with Chet/Nashville Gold

These three albums are a must for Chet Atkins fans and are now avaialble in this compilation box set..

51.60€ Ex Tax: 34.40€