South-American Music

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Baden Powell & Filhos

An excellent recording of the late Brazilian guitarist/composer Baden Powell. Titles are: 'Apresenta..

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Baden Powell and Friends

This fantastic 3 CD release contains over 2 hours of Latin American music played by Baden Powell and..

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Titles are: 'El Clavelito', 'Siga Cantando Nomas', 'Muchacho', 'Pedacito de Cielo', 'Malena', 'Quien..

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Buenas Noches, Compatriotas

Titles are: 'La milonga perdida´, 'Monte callado´, 'El mal dormido´, 'Oñases´, 'El árbol, el río, el..

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Canta Vinicius de Moraes e Paolo Cesar Pinheiro

Recorded in April 1977, Paris. Titles are: 'Labaréda´, 'Linda Baiana´, 'Cavalo Marinho´, 'Samba De B..

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Corazón Guitarrero

Collaborations with Carlos Gardel and other composers performed by Juanjo Domínguez and his quartet ..

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Danza Sin Fin

Outstanding release from EPSA by popular Argentinian guitarist Quique Sinesi. Titles are: 'Otro Día'..

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De Aquino

This is the last recording made by the late Brazilian guitarist and composer Baden Powell. The intim..

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Eterno - Juanjo & Amigos

Titles are: 'Eterno', 'A Gonzalo', 'De Berlin a Buenos Aires', 'Imagen', 'Lo Tengo Que Pensar', 'Pan..

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The distinctive guitar playing of Juanjo Domínguez is legendary throughout Europe. He is also well k..

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Le Roi de la Bossa Nova

This is a classic Luiz Bonfa recording with the first half recorded in Paris 1962 and the second hal..

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Live A Bruxelles

Recorded live at Théâtre 140 in Brussels, Belgium on October 30th, 1999. Titles are: Vento Vadio´, ..

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Luiz Bonfá Plays and Sings Bossa Nova

Made in 1962, when bossa nova was new to Americans, this album contains two distinct sets. The first..

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Mis Tangos Preferidos

Juanjo Domínguez is a giant of the guitar as several of his early recordings in our range have prove..

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Mis Tangos Preferidos 2

No one plays the tango better than Juanjo Domíguez. His brilliant virtuosity on this CD confirms his..

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