Rock/Pop Guitar

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50 Killer Metal Licks

Danny Gill presents you with an arsenal of thundering metal licks to take your riffing to the next l..

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50 Killer Rock Licks

Get your fingers around some powerful and mind-bending rock riffs with this killer DVD. Stuart Bull ..

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50 Licks: Rock Style

In this incredible DVD, Tom will teach you licks in the styles of the masters of rock guitar, Jimmy ..

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Advanced Rock Guitar

This excellent DVD is hosted by Danny Gill, a former student of Joe Satriani. Danny takes an in-dept..

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Allan Holdsworth

As one of the most unique and respected guitarists in the world, Allan Holdsworth has influenced cou..

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Beginning Guitar: Volume 1

Tom Kolb presents this dynamic video learning package, filled with rock solid information from begin..

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Beginning Rock Lead Guitar

Allow one of guitars leading educators to show you the essentials of playing exciting rock leads. Tr..

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Berklee Workshop - Chop Builder for Rock Guitar

Take your hard rock chops into the stratosphere with Berklee professor and world-renowned guitarist ..

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Best of Lennon & McCartney for Electric Guitar

Learn the trademark electric guitar riffs and solos behind rock's most influential songwriting duo. ..

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Beyond Basics: Funk Guitar Rhythm Chops

Allan 'Dr. Licks' Slutsky (one of the pioneers of guitar tab and note-for-note transcriptions) explo..

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Beyond Basics: Rock Guitar Rhythm Chops

Nick Nolan of GIT presents the ideas and concepts needed to develop really driving rhythm guitar par..

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Blues Rock Guitar Soloing

This DVD runs for approximately 50 minutes and comes complete with an accompanying booklet showing e..

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Complete Electric Guitar

Using one simple chord sequence, Mel Reeves shows how to create authentic solos and rhythm parts in ..

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Concert with Class

Includes and amazing live concert performance followed by an exclusive instructional segment with th..

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Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro, ace guitarist for Jane's Addiction and formerly for the Red Hot Chili Peppers, demonst..

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