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2000 Flatpicking

This comprehensive set presents solos by some of the finest contemporary flatpicking guitarists. Tit..

45.40€ Ex Tax: 42.83€

50 Celtic Reels for Guitar

Steve Kaufman, Three Time National Flatpicking Champion, does it again. This first installment (tune..

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A Collection of Latin American Folksongs

This songbook collection will take you on a journey through the rich music traditions of Bolivia, Pe..

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A Thousand Words

Transcriptions of the pieces from Duck Baker´s CD 'A Thousand Words´. Titles are: 'Waltz on Sunday´,..

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Acoustic Country Blues Guitar

This valuable collection presents note-for-note transcriptions and performance notes for 12 timeless..

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Acoustic Guitar Songbook 5: Fingerstyle Guitar Masterpieces

Fingerstyle Guitar Masterpieces' introduces you to twelve instrumental compositions and arrangements..

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Acoustic Guitar Songbook 7: Alternate Tunings Guitar Collection

Join some of today's greatest players and explore the new world outside of standard tuning. This uni..

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Acoustic Guitar Songbook 9: Flatpicking Guitar Masterpieces

Learn groundbreaking music from a who's who of the genre, from early bluegrass pioneers to the jazz-..

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Acoustic Guitar White Pages

The world's largest collection of authentic acoustic guitar tab transcriptions. 150 songs in standar..

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Acoustic Guitar: Accompaniment Basics

There are a few things all guitar players want to know about accompaniment, such as how to sing and ..

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Acoustic Guitar: Chord and Harmony Basics

Learn the fundamentals of acoustic guitar, from your first chords and beyond! Whether you're a begin..

24.40€ Ex Tax: 23.02€

Acoustic Guitar: Lead and Melody Basics

This book introduces students to the essentials of playing melodies and leads in a number of roots s..

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Acoustic Guitar: Slide Basics

If you have always wanted to explore the haunting sounds of acoustic slide guitar, or are looking to..

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Acoustic Guitar: Solo Fingerstyle Basics

Enrich your playing with the expressive, dynamic, symphonic textures of solo fingerstyle guitar. Wit..

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Alternate Tunings Guitar Essentials

Unlock the secrets of playing and composing in alternate tunings with this unique, comprehensive boo..

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