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American Banjo

A massive collection of transcriptions representing the history of three-finger style five-string ba..

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Banjo Method Book 1

This innovative method teaches 5-string, bluegrass style. The method consists of two instruction boo..

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Banjo Method Book 2

Continues where volume 1 finishes. Includes more solos and standard licks for melodic-style banjo, f..

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Bluegrass Banjo

A complete guide to three-finger bluegrass styles. Basic right hand patterns through to many advance..

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Clawhammer Style Banjo

The handbook on how to play the banjo. Covers basic right and left hand positions, simple chords, an..

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Harry Reser: Tenor Banjo Legend

Harry Reser was on of the greatest tenor banjo virtuosos of all time. This book features over twenty..

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Introduction to Bluegrass Banjo

This book is designed to aid the novice attempting to learn the 5-string banjo using 3-Finger Style,..

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The Banjo Encyclopedia

The Banjo Encyclopaedia is a comprehensive, in-depth banjo instructional tool that covers the many i..

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The Complete Bluegrass Banjo Player

A complete banjo tuition programme which takes you from the beginning to advanced level. Easy to fol..

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