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100 Tips For Bass Guitar You Should Have Been Told

100 Tips For Bass Guitar You Should Have Been Told is a step-by-step guide to the bass. Via a series..

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Absolute Beginners: Bass Guitar

Learning to play bass guitar is now easier than ever before! Each book in this fantastic series cont..

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Bass for Beginners

This book/CD set by professional bassist Glenn Letsch provides the basic tools for solid, fundamenta..

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Building Jazz Bass Lines

In this book/CD set, bass legend Ron Carter illustrates step by step the basic concepts of creating ..

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Crash Course: Bass

Crash Course Bass provides a fast track to getting to grips with the four-string monster, with easy-..

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Deluxe Jazz and Rock Bass Method

The material in this method, when absorbed will teach the student the essentials of the jazz and roc..

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How to Play the Electric Bass

Bass guitar method including information on; current styles, famous recorded bass lines, how to use ..

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Mel Bay's Complete Jazz Bass Book

This comprehensive method addresses every conceivable aspect of jazz bass performance. It begins wit..

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No Nonsense Electric Bass

This book is a beginning method for the students of the electric bass who may not always have a teac..

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The Bass Handbook - The Complete Guide to Mastering the Bass Gui

This indispensable handbook helps players of all levels produce better, more creative, and more vari..

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The Complete Electric Bass Player - Book 1: The Method

This easy to follow method features superb demonstration photographs and concentrates on two skills ..

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The Complete Electric Bass Player Book 2: Playing Concepts & Dex

Builds on your dexterity as a bass player and develops your ability to play in all styles and handle..

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The Improvisor's Bass Method

This highly acclaimed book is for both upright bass and bass guitar players. Chuck Sher has been pla..

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The Jazz Bass Book

This book is part player's manual, part historical profile, and part musical portrait. It explores i..

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