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A Furiosa

For four guitars. As recorded by the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet...

18.90€ Ex Tax: 17.83€

A Meditation on 'Sakura' for four guitars

A Meditation on 'Sakura´, which was written by Eduardo Fernandez for the Los Angeles Guitar Quartet...

24.40€ Ex Tax: 23.02€

Baião de Gude (Four Guitars)

For four guitars. Includes score and parts...

18.90€ Ex Tax: 17.83€

Bantu, Quiccan

For four guitars...

43.40€ Ex Tax: 40.94€

Carmen Suite for Four Guitars

Selected movements of Bizet´s 'Carmen Suite´ arranged by William Kanengiser for four guitars. As per..

48.90€ Ex Tax: 46.13€

Concierto Ibérico (Score)

The 'Concierto Ibérico´ for four guitars and orchestra was composed in 1976 and premiered the follow..

33.90€ Ex Tax: 31.98€

Easy Guitar Quartets

This book contains a collection of arrangements for four guitars. Titles are: 'Caprice No. 14' (Paga..

14.90€ Ex Tax: 14.06€


For four guitars. Comprises of both full score and loose leaf individual parts...

22.40€ Ex Tax: 21.13€

Guitar Popular Ensemble 9

9 popular pieces arranged for 3 guitars. Music is presented in score layout. Titles are: 'Bridge Ove..

35.90€ Ex Tax: 33.87€

Pastorale No. 1

For three guitars...

9.40€ Ex Tax: 8.87€


For four guitars...

22.40€ Ex Tax: 21.13€

Sonate 'Oceano Nox' Op.111

Dedicated to the Amsterdam Guitar Trio. For three guitars...

47.40€ Ex Tax: 44.72€


For four guitars. Comissioned by the Guitar Ensemble Association of Japan...

31.40€ Ex Tax: 29.62€

Sueño de Mexico

Homage to Manuel M. Ponce for three guitars...

31.40€ Ex Tax: 29.62€