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100 Guitar Tips

Does anyone really know how the professionals play? What tips would they pass on if only you could a..

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101 Guitar Tips - Stuff All the Pros Know and Use

101 Guitar Tips contains invaluable guidance on everything from scales and music theory to truss rod..

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Advanced Scale Concepts and Licks for Guitar

Jean Marc Belkadi reveals the secrets to creating interesting, over-the-top phrases. This book is th..

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Alternate Tunings Picture Chords

This book is an encyclopedia of chords in non-standard tunings. You will find 1,340 chords in 56 tun..

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'Arpeggios' allows you to find any arpeggio quickly and ease. No music reading is required because e..

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Artful Arpeggios

Expand your playing and your imagination with these essential arpeggios! With this Book/CD set, play..

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Berklee Practice Method: Guitar

Make your rock band better, or prepare yourself to join one! Subtitled, 'Get Your Band Together', th..

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Building Guitar Arrangements from the Ground Up

This book will teach you how to take a song and arrange it for solo guitar. The step-by-step method ..

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Building Right Hand Technique

Building Right Hand Technique is a master technical study book for the use of a flat pick. The studi..

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Chop Shop for Guitar

In this book, New York-based studio musician and in-demand clinician Matt Smith opens his bag of tri..

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Chops Builder

This book/CD pack makes learning technique fun and musical for guitarists, teaching you real licks t..

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Chord Chemistry

A thorough book for guitarists concerning the application and understanding of chords...

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Chord Master

This book takes the time to discuss each of the chord types and patterns a guitarist is likely to co..

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Chord-Melody Phrases for Guitar

Expand your chord-melody chops with these outstanding jazz phrases by Ron Eschete. He covers: chord ..

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This book allows you to find any chord quickly and with ease. Each chord is displayed on every possi..

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