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120 2-Bar ii - V Riffs

In this book you will find 120 2-bar ii-V riffs--ten different riffs for each of the 12 keys. Learni..

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30 Day Guitar Workout

An excellent collection of exercises and technical studies! A hit with teachers and students alike, ..

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7-String Guitar

Introducing 7-String Guitar, the first-ever method book written specially for seven-stringed instrum..

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A Modern Approach to Jazz, Rock and Fusion Guitar

Jean Marc Belkadi gives you over 30 great lines using a variety of techniques and melodic ideas. It ..

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A Modern Method for Guitar Volumes 1, 2 and 3

Now guitarists can have all three volumes of this classic guitar method in one convenient book! Crea..

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A Modern Method for Guitar: Volume 1 - Book and DVD Edition

William Leavitt's Modern Method For Guitar is one of the world´s most popular guitar methods. It is ..

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Bass Line Basics for Guitar

Bass Line Basics introduces guitarists to the art of adding bass lines to their chord/rhythm playing..

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Bossa Nova & Samba for Guitar

This book contains the elements necessary to learn to play authentic bossa nova and samba accompanim..

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Brazilian and Afro Cuban Jazz Conception

Brazilian and Afro-Cuban Jazz Conception is the new exciting series of play-along books by the award..

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Building a Jazz Chord Solo

Whether you´re a beginner or an intermediate guitarist, this Book/CD pack will help you to understan..

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Complete Course in Jazz Guitar Book 1

A Modern Method in how-to-play jazz and hot guitar. These books from Mickey Baker form an excellent ..

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Complete Course in Jazz Guitar Book 2

This books carries on from book 1 and features lessons on chord forms, chord exercises, passing tone..

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Complete Fingerstyle Jazz Guitar Book

This book is complete in the sense that there is something for everyone: beginners, intermediate pla..

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Complete Jazz Guitar Method - Companion DVD

If you're getting into jazz or expanding your jazz chops, this comprehensive approach is for you. Fr..

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Complete Joe Pass

Music critics and performers alike have hailed Joe Pass as one of the finest jazz musicians to have ..

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