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A Treasury of Django Reinhardt Guitar Solos

Over 75 solos by Django Reinhardt. The finest collection of Django material available. Titles are: '..

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Al DiMeola Solos

This exploration of DiMeola´s music includes transcribed solos and lessons and seventeen songs; 'And..

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Baden Powell Songbook Volume 1

An album of great guitar music from one of Brazil´s greatest masters of Samba and Bossa Nova guitar...

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Baden Powell Songbook Volume 2

A second volume of great guitar music from Baden Powell. Titles are: 'Babel', 'Deve ser Amor', 'Marí..

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Baden Powell Songbook Volume 3

A third volume of great guitar music from Baden Powell. Titles are: 'Chanson d'Hiver', 'Berceuse a J..

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Barry Galbraith Guitar Solos Volume 2

This is the second volume of thirteen standards arranged for solo guitar by Barry Galbraith. Facilit..

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Barry Galbraith: Guitar Solos

Barry Galbraith was one of the best jazz guitarists of the 1950's. He was also a fine music reader w..

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Best of George Benson

Learn and explore the music of one of the most respected and pioneering jazz guitar players of our t..

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Best of Grant Green

Explore the many stylistic turns of one of the most influential guitarists in jazz! Renowned guitar ..

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Best of Wes Montgomery

Explore the music of one of the greatest jazz guitarists of all time! This in-depth book/CD set feat..

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Bill Frisell An Anthology

One of the most revered jazz guitarists around, Berklee alum Bill Frisell is celebrated for his dist..

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Brazilian Jazz Guitar Styles

Together with John Griggs, Barbosa­Lima has penned five extended original solo compositions for the..

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Bright Size Life

Full guitar transcription for the album 'Bright Size Life´. Titles are: 'Bright Size Life´, 'Sirabho..

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Charlie Christian

The first person to inspire mass acceptance of the jazz guitar. The twenty solos in this volume come..

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Charlie Parker for Guitar

This fascinating new book will let you explore the music of one of the 20th century's most influenti..

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